• What is FOS?
  • Friend of the Sea (FOS) is a main international certification project for products originating from both sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, started by a non-governmental organisation with the same name, whose mission is to conserve the marine habitat.
  • FOS certified products include most of the traded species, fishmeal, fishfeed and Omega-3 fish oil. Products and their origins are audited onsite by independent international certification bodies, against strict Friend of the Sea sustainability criteria.
  • Friend of the Sea Criteria cover topics including sustainable fishing methods and impacts on marine habitats, as well as regulatory compliance, social accountability and carbon footprint. The Criteria follow the FAO - Guidelines for the Ecolabelling of Fish and Fishery Products from Marine Capture Fisheries. In particular, only products from stocks which are not over-exploited can be certified.
  • In Peru, we have obtained FOS certification for our fishmeal and fish oil products.
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