• What is BAP?
  • The Best Aquaculture Practices standards have been developed and administered by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and are one of the most universally accepted standards to ensure environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture practices.
  • The BAP programme outlines standards for each type of facility, from hatchery and feed mill to farm to processing plant. These standards are drafted by technical committees with broad stakeholder representation and overseen by a Standards Oversight Committee.
  • The standards address animal welfare, conservation of biodiversity, soil and water management, drug and chemical management, food safety, traceability as well as community and employee relations.
  • The certification programme allocates a “star” rating depending on how many steps in the aquaculture supply chain have been included. This ranges from 1-star (processor), 2-star (processor and farm), 3-star (processor, farm and hatchery) to 4-star (processor, farm, hatchery and feed mill).
  • In the US, we are a recognised leader in the promotion and application of the BAP and a founding and governing member of the Global Aquaculture Alliance.
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