• Waste Reduction Through Innovative Packaging Solutions
  • In 1998 we worked with our largest suppliers to promote the use of more efficient packaging for our products frozen on board vessels. Based on our suggestions these suppliers substituted carton boxes, which weigh on average 1 kilogramme per box, with paper bags (commonly known as sandwich bags), which weigh on average 130 grammes per paper bag, to package headed and gutted and whole fish products.
  • Aside from significant cost savings, this transition has had three major benefits. It has reduced the amount of packaging paper consumed per one tonne of fish product by 26.5 kilogrammes. It has increased storage efficiency on board vessels enabling a reduction in voyages needed by 10 percent. It has also reduced the overall weight of each final product from 30 kilogramme carton box packages to 20 kilogramme paper bag packages, making the packages lighter and easier for crew and secondary processing workers to carry.
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