• Responsible Fishmeal & Fish Oil
  • We believe that global demand for sustainable fishmeal will continue to increase over the long-term. Aquaculture and animal-farming industries, which are dependent on fishmeal to a large degree, will continue to expand as the world’s population grows.
  • We operate a number of fishmeal and fish oil processing plants that have been certified under the IFFO Responsible Supply of Fishmeal and Fish Oil Standard. Peruvian anchovy is an abundant source for fishmeal and by operating there we can ensure that our fishmeal production is focused in areas where sustainable fishing is practiced.
  • To view the IFFO Responsible Supply Video, click here.

  • Our fishmeal production also provides a major outlet to recycle trimmings from our food fish processing plants. Fish processing activities generate large quantities of organic waste and by-products from inedible fish parts. This fish waste is a rich source of essential amino acids and is converted into fishmeal.

  • Fishmeal plant in Pisco, Peru
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