• Our volunteer network in Peru actively works in partnership with local institutions primarily dealing with health and education issues.
  • In Hong Kong we were one of the main sponsors of the Kids Ocean Week, the first of its kind to take place in Asia. The week began with ocean appreciation talks delivered by The Malibu Foundation and Ocean Recovery Alliance at local schools in Hong Kong. The talks served to raise awareness amongst the students about environmental pollution and waste issues impacting on our oceans. The week culminated in the Kids Ocean Day, whereby employees from Pacific Andes assisted in the delivery of beach classes for over 800 Hong Kong school children from 14 schools. The classes were focused on appreciation, respect and care for the sea and were aimed at facilitating behavioral change amongst Hong Kong’s youth. The day ended with all students, teachers and volunteers forming a massive dolphin shape to say “Protect” in English, and Ocean in Chinese (海洋), communicating their desires for a clean and thriving sea.
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