• Building Internal Capacity
  • At the Board level, the Group’s fishery and fish supply division, China Fishery, established a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee in 2010 to monitor and evaluate CSR issues and drive sustainability efforts at senior management level.
  • We have also dedicated significant resources to building our internal capacity on CSR management at the Group level.
  • There is still much to learn and we engage with partners and initiatives to remain aware of industry developments.
  • Our memberships include:
  • China Fishery Board-Level CSR Committee
  • Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee consists of five non-executive directors (three of whom are independent non-executive directors) and three members of the executive directorate. In 2011 the Committee appointed a marine ecologist, Dr. Keith Sainsbury, as an adviser. Dr. Sainsbury brings to the Committee a wealth of expertise and research on the assessment, ecology, exploitation and conservation of marine resources and ecosystems. He is a Commissioner for the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and board member of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
  • Investor Perspectives

    Responsible Research report, The Future of Fish in Asia published in September 2011, which won the Farsight award for ESG, identified Pacific Andes as one of the companies that is taking a more considered, longer-term approach to its business development for targeting smaller fish that are not believed to be endangered.
    *A subgroup of leading companies in the industry formed from certain participants of the Groundfish Forum

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