• Supply Chain Integrity
  • One of our key strengths is our unique ability to help customers improve their inventory management. Apart from being able to offer a stable supply of seafood products, our just-in-time delivery helps our customers keep their inventories at an optimal level - thereby safeguarding against interrupted supplies. Furthermore, we have set up an integrated reporting and information structure, allowing complete supply chain, traceability to ensure our fish supplies and products are healthy and safe to protect the interests of both our consumers and the environment.
  • We have clear internal guidelines in line with international standards to ensure that no supplies derived from illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing activities enter our supply chain. Thus, we do not source from blacklisted, illegal, or suspicious vessels carrying flags of convenience as identified by fisheries directorates or authoritative non-profit organizations. We have in place a supplier code of conduct under which our suppliers must provide written confirmation to us on their full legal, environmental and social compliance. Since January 2006, our procurement processes have been independently reviewed on a quarterly basis by an international audit firm, which has verified that we have obtained all proper documentation, such as health certificates and certificates of origin, in every shipment that we receive.
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