• Venture Beyond Your Imagination in a Career with Pacific Andes
  • As one of the world's largest integrated seafood companies, Pacific Andes fully recognizes that human capital is the key asset to the growth and profitability of our business. Thus, Pacific Andes places due emphasis on talent sourcing, as well as the development and retention of our staff. We aim to recruit the best people with enthusiasm and determination to grow with the industry, enhance their professional knowledge and skills through comprehensive training and development programs. We offer our employees competitive remuneration packages.
  • Staff Testimonials
  • Ms Peggy Ng
    International Sales Manager
    Hong Kong
  • "With Pacific Andes, I've never had the lack of chance to chart new personal benchmarks. Besides being given plenty of opportunities to extend my exposure as a sales person to various global markets, my role requires me to gain a good understanding across all aspects of our operations. I actually think this makes us more effective; we are able to go the extra mile for our clients constructively, constantly."
  • Mr. Héctor Cuellar
    Crew member of Elisa vessel
    China Fishery Group (CFG), Peru
  • “At CFG we practice responsible fishing and upholding respect for marine resources. We work together as a team, where communication is key to ensuring operational safety and overall efficiency. CFG provides us the necessary equipment and systems for this purpose. I feel a strong sense of identification with CFG because it is committed to the welfare and development of its employees.”
  • Mr. Jorge Casas
    Fleet Planning Chief
    China Fishery Group (CFG), Peru
  • “I started working for CFG just a few months after it was incorporated. Just like the company, I had only been in the fishing sector for only a few months.
    It wouldn’t have been possible for me to face these challenges without the support of my bosses and the good and professional team I had the opportunity to meet here. Working for CFG gave me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with the most experienced experts in fishing, management, technology and quality not only locally but with international exposure as well. I have learned not only to value the goals linked to the company like profitability but the goals linked to our development as a society.”
  • Mr. Rogelio Herrera
    Chemical PAMA Operator
    China Fishery Group (CFG), Peru
  • “Since I joined CFG I have grown both professionally and personally. I have received continuous training to improve my performance and I have had the opportunity to constantly learn new things, to operate new equipment, and grow with the business. What I value the most in CFG is the interest and concern the company has for its people, for its safety, and for the opportunities and recognition that we are given. I am very grateful to work here.”
  • Ms Jacqui Dixon
    Group CSR & Sustainability Manager
    Hong Kong
  • "This has been one of the most exciting positions I've held in the course of my career. Pacific Andes is a truly global company and with that comes opportunities to deal with global concerns. My role brings me in contact with multiple stakeholders on an almost daily basis. Having the opportunity to engage in multilateral discussions with governments and industry leaders on sustainability issues not only enhances my skills, knowledge and networks to the benefit of the company, but has also been immensely satisfying.”
  • Ms Sylvia Rusberg
    Atlantic Pacific Fishing, Walvis Bay Office , Namibia
  • "I’ve only been a member of the Pacific Andes family for three months, but I already feel a great sense of belonging. It is encouraging, empowering, enlightening and very enjoyable to have such a dynamic support team in Hong Kong. I feel extremely proud, being among the blessed team members who joined Atlantic Pacific Fishing in its initial phase. I am happy to grow within the organization and be part of this new team."
  • Ms Kathy Scanlon
    Quality Assurance Manager
    National Fish & Seafood (NFS) Gloucester, MA USA
  • Over my 18 year career at NFS I have had the pleasure of developing and leading a great team of professionals that manages quality assurance and new product development. Senior management is committed to maintaining a high level of quality and I am proud to lead these Food Safety efforts. Thanks to the hard work of my team NFS became a USDC HACCP certified plant and subsequently became the first SQF Level III seafood processing plant in the USA. Now we are also tackling the ongoing challenges of sustainable seafood resources. Over my years here at NFS I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of experts in the sourcing and production of seafood from all over the world.  Every day brings a new challenge which makes my job both exciting and satisfying.
  • Mr. Peter James
    Director of Supply Chain
    National Fish & Seafood (NFS) Gloucester, MA USA
  • Ten years ago I was hired by NFS as Traffic Manager for a two-person department. During my tenure, international supply management developed as a leading issue. To confront that challenge, I was appointed Director of Supply Chain and the department grew to a full-fledged Supply Chain division with a staff of ten. Our team has substantially reduced total landed costs through continuous implementation of operational initiatives. Coordination with numerous other NFS departments has ensured overall company success.

    NFS' support and commitment to employee education has allowed me to obtain the Certified Supply Chain Professional designation and certification in risk management through APICS. It has been exciting to grow professionally and be an important part of the company's expansion.
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