• Pacific Andes' corporate story began in 1986, when the late Mr. Ng Swee Hong and his sons established a small frozen seafood trading business in Hong Kong's Western district. At the time, the company sourced shrimp, squid and scallops from the coastal provinces of China for export to markets in the United States and Europe.
  • During these early years, Pacific Andes forged links with fishing companies across the Far East. The company also began offering shipping agency services to these companies, diversifying into a segment that was to form the foundation of its supply chain management business. At the same time, it identified the immense global potential for frozen whitefish and turned its focus to this versatile and wholesome product. Pacific Andes began processing fish fillets through subcontracted factories in China and was among the first companies in this period to enter the China market.
  • After a phase of rapid development in the early 1990s, the Ng family publicly listed the Group under Pacific Andes International Holdings Limited ("PAIH") on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The listing in 1994 allowed the Group to capture market opportunities during a period of steadily rising seafood consumption across the world. Two years later, the Group spun off its trading arm, Pacific Andes Resources Development Limited, for listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange, enabling the trading business to pursue long-term growth independently.
  • With China's food processing industry taking off at an unprecedented rate over the last decades, issues such as food safety and traceability have become increasingly important. In 2003, Pacific Andes teamed up with leading experts in the United Kingdom to set up China's first independent food testing laboratory, Sino Analytica. This marked yet another milestone in the Group's course of building its position as a fully integrated seafood provider, and also underscored its continuing commitment to elevate standards in China's food processing industry through foresight, innovative thinking, and best practice.
  • In 2004, Pacific Andes acquired a strategic stake in China Fishery Group Limited, which signaled the Group's extension into industrial fishing activities. Through China Fishery, it began sourcing / harvesting a wide range of fish species in the world’s oceans. To fuel its development, China Fishery was listed on the Singapore Exchange in 2006.
  • By this time, the management was ready to steer Pacific Andes in a brand new direction. The Group is now in an excellent position to cross-leverage its various business divisions and respond to the complex needs of a geographically diverse customer base.
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