• Mr. Ng Swee Hong, Founder and Chairman of Pacific Andes, passed away peacefully on 16 September 2006 at the age of 72.
  • Born in 1934 in Malaysia to a family of businessmen, Mr. Ng endured a difficult youth with the outbreak of the Second World War across Asia. The devastating effects of the war affected every man in the street, and soon after, for the country, his father separated from the family to fight against the invading forces in China.
  • Despite a comfortable upbringing, the young Mr. Ng halted his studies and began working as a helper in a small shop to make a modest living to supplement the family income with his first enterprising ventures of peddling fruits, rice, animal feed, and raising pigs. After the war, Mr. Ng joined the family's provision trading business, embarking on a lifelong career in enterprise.
  • In 1965, the 31-year-old Mr. Ng moved to Singapore in pursuit of brighter prospects. It was here that he established his first sugar and rice trading business six years later. But by the 1980s, difficult operating conditions prompted Mr. Ng to make the second and final move of his life - to Hong Kong, where he founded Pacific Andes.
  • Mr. Ng never forgot his roots as a Chinese and as a Malaysian, remaining actively engaged in various business organizations in China and propagating ideas in trade, technology and venture capital. In the personal realm, he was deeply involved with grassroots associations in Malaysia and Singapore. Denied a full education in his youth, Mr. Ng dedicated much of his private time and effort to bring education into the lives of others, especially the socially underprivileged.
  • During his forty years in the seafood, shipping, and food trading industries, the late Mr. Ng had developed a vision that defines the unique position of the Pacific Andes Group today. He created an enterprising culture within the company and laid a solid foundation for its continuing growth. Mr. Ng was an outstanding leader, and his work ethic, spirit, and vision shall continue to guide the Group forward.
  • He will be remembered by all whose lives he touched.
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